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Access Power Solutions (APS6-400)

3G Access DC Power Solutions - 24V & 48V UL Series

The Eaton® 3G Access Power Solutions are ideal for low to medium power telecommunications applications requiring compact, efficient and flexible DC power supplies with or without batteries. Typical applications include standby DC power for customer premises equipment, outdoor power plants, data networks and IP routers.

A technician friendly user-interface includes a full color menu screen and is preconfigured for fast install and easy commissioning.

The 19” rack mount system is ideal for rapid deployment into customer facilities or enclosures.

All system settings are fully adjustable in software and stored in transferable configuration files for repeatable one-step system set-up.

The APS6-400 series has up to 12kW of power output, it features state-of-the-art 48 volt 3G Access Power Rectifiers, an integral DC distribution panel, easy to fit plug-in hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers, and optional low voltage disconnect (LVD) modules for battery and non priority loads.

The advanced system controller offers high-level communications capability for real time information. It also has built-in intelligence for optimizing system efficiency, and comprehensive alarm and system status notifications, which are all designed to minimize operational expenses.

Other features include temperature compensated voltage output, automated equalize charging, and integrated battery testing, for maximum battery life under a wide range of environmental conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • High power density (12kW @ 48V/6U, 19”)
  • Suitable for both 19” relay rack or enclosed cabinet
  • High efficiency and unity power factor
  • Easy fit plug-in hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers
  • 20-way load and 6-way battery distributions
  • Single or dual low voltage disconnect (LVD) options
  • SC200 or SC100 intelligent system controller
  • Onboard energy management software optimizes operating efficiency for lower OPEX
  • Pre-configured software for quick & simple deployment
  • Remote access (TCP/IP, web browser, SNMP)
  • Easy plug-and-go rectifier set-up
  • Fast on-line rectifier expansion (hot-plug)
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