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Outdoor Cabinets & Enclosures

A wide range of outdoor enclosures come with a range of heat exchange and air conditioning options. Numerous other models and variations are available dependant on specific requirements. Please contact your local reseller.

SheltR Outdoor Enclosure

SheltR Outdoor Enclosure

SheltR Outdoor Enclosures

The Eaton® SheltR Outdoor Enclosures are designed to provide a secure and clean environment for equipment in harsh or outdoor environments. Typical applications may include communication and telecommunication installations, the housing of data and control equipment, or the support of industrial and process equipment. The SheltR enclosure can accommodate the application equipment, DC or AC backup power, and batteries.

Features include:
  • Aluminium frame, roof, and Aircon/HEX/Peltier covers
  • Steel sandwich panel construction
  • Attractive powder coat finish
  • Polyurethane insulation
  • Vandal resistant 3 point locking
  • Galvanised steel base
  • 48V DC Air-conditioning or Heat Exchanger (HEX) for heat removal
  • Filtered air inlet/outlet for battery compartment (HEX version)
  • 240V AC Heater (HEX)
  • Accommodates up to 400-450Ah (48V) of battery
 SheltR Outdoor Enclosure Brochure
 SheltR-AIR Outdoor Enclosure Brochure
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