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87C9 Current Sensor

87C9 Current Sensor

The 87C9 Current Sensor from Eaton combines a hall effect sensor and signal conditioner into a single package for use in DC power system applications.

With a window diameter of 35mm, sensor input range is 0-100A with output of 0-10V. This precision current sensor is suitable for 48V DC power system applications.

The sensor is suitable for cables of up to 35mm in diameter. The split-core enables quick and easy installation for retro-fitting to existing DC power systems as well as new.

Features & Benefits

  • Isolation - output is magnetically isolated from the input for safety, also eliminating insertion loss (voltage drop)
  • Internal Power Regulation -cuts installation costs and works well, even with unregulated power
  • Split Core Design and Built-In Mounting Brackets - makes installation quick and easy
  • Low power consumption
  • Class 1.0 Accuracy
  • High Overload Capacity
  • Quick Response Time
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