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DU-X e-Fuse based Low Power System

The Eaton® DU-X Electronic Distribution (e-Fuse) is the ideal solution for next generation 5G wireless networks, fibre-based deployments and other low power telecommunications applications requiring compact, efficient and flexible DC power supplies.

Each load and battery system connection is controlled and protected using a semi-conductor device allowing for precise control of overcurrent trip, fault currents and connection. All terminations are made via the front of the unit to ensure ease of use in space constrained installations.

The DU-X distribution embeds a full featured system controller with a front access 100BaseT Ethernet port.

When partnered with Eaton rectifiers within a 1U 19” magazine the DU-X offers the following features and benefits:-

  • Super compact design
  • Local or remote setting of load and battery protection
  • Full current output at chosen setting, no derating
  • Full front connection
  • Rapid late point definition to reduce lead-times
  • Embedded system controller
  • On-board secure web server
  • SNMP agent
  • Energy metering function
  • Setup via web, keypad or configuration file
  • Compatible with Eaton’s Energy Saver (ES) rectifier
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