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DC Energy Meter

DC Energy Meter

The Eaton DC Energy Meter (DEM) measures the current and voltage of DC powered equipment racks using precision Hall Effect current transducers.

The DEM samples the supply voltages and currents at regular intervals and along with the sampling period will compute the accumulated energy consumption as an Energy Meter reading in kWh.

The DEM is powered from the DC power supply and is configured as an A+B system to measure energy from duplicated DC systems.

Features & Benefits

  • 8 x Current Input channels
  • 2 x Voltage input channels
  • Powered output to current sensors
  • Ethernet communications for remote interrogation & data
  • Graphical user front panel interface
  • Advanced security with user authentication
  • Dual (A+B) power feeds
  • -48V powered
  • 19” & 21” rack mounting. 1 RU. Front, mid & rear mounting
  • Configurable system alarms
  • Local and time server based internal clock
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