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Telecom Inverter Solution
Telecom Inverter Solution
The Eaton Telecom Inverter is an innovative dual input inverter solution designed for applications where very high reliability of your AC supply is required. By incorporating a 230Vac input, as well as the 48Vdc input, Eaton has developed a solution that closes the gap between the traditional UPS and conventional inverter solutions.
Matrix 48Vdc Inverter Solution
Matrix 48Vdc Inverter Solution
The MATRIX solution is an integrated inverter power system designed for use in applications where very high reliability of the AC supply is required. The MATRIX modular design ensures maximum flexibility to configure solutions to customer’s requirements.
Matrix 2000 Stand Alone Inverter
Matrix 2000 Standalone Inverter
The Eaton® Matrix™ 2000 Standalone Inverter is designed for use in telecommunications applications where a very reliable AC supply is required. The high efficiency and compact size makes the Matrix 2000 Inverter an outstanding solution for powering all types of critical AC equipment.
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