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Powerware SC100 System Controller image

Eaton SC100 System Controller

The SC100 System Controller is a control and monitoring solution for the Eaton 3G power solutions.

It provides a full suite of system control functions including Temperature Compensation, Equalize and Fast Charge. A comprehensive range of alarms and alarm notification options are available, including SMS, relay contacts and modem dial out to PowerManagerII.

The SC100 is supplied preconfigured with either a default configuration file, or with one factory customized for a particular application. This ensures fast and problem free installation.

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive system control functions
  • Supports PSTN and GSM external modems
  • User-friendly menus
  • Pre-loaded customized configuration file
  • Complies with international standards
  • Setup via DCTools configuration software
  • Language options
  • Low cost

Typical Applications

  • 24V and 48V power systems
  • Wireless cell sites and switches
  • Transmission terminals


  • External GSM or PSTN modem
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