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Flexi - 3G Access Power Solution

Eaton’s Flexi – 3G Access Power Solution is designed for low to medium power applications requiring compact, efficient and flexible DC power supplies.

It is well suited to limited space installations with its reduced depth and battery cabinet height options. The innovative systems design reduces shipping costs, improves storage and handling, and is easily assembled onsite.

This solution uses the APR48-3G rectifier module and accommodates up to five 48V strings of high capacity VRLA batteries. All systems offer integral AC and DC distribution with flexible combinations of MCBs.

Low voltage disconnect (LVD), for battery protection, is included. The system is also offered with the full function SC200 controller with extended communication functions such as SNMP and TCP/IP.

The SC200 controller provides; battery temperature charge compensation, battery discharge test, mid-point monitoring and much more. The Flexi – 3G series of power systems are configured for fast installation and set-up. All systems settings are fully adjustable in software and stored in transferable, configuration files for repeatable one-step system set-up.

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative system design reduces shipping costs and is easily assembled on-site
  • Integrated batteries with optional rack heights
  • Reduced rack-depth option (450mm) ideal for installations with restricted space
  • Integral DC distribution
  • Wide AC input voltage range
  • Hot swappable rectifiers
  • High Power Density
  • Pre-configured software
  • Flexible modular design
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Ethernet communications offering SNMP

Typical Applications

  • Wireless BTS and MSC sites (CDMA/GSM/3G UMTS)
  • WiMAX Nodes
  • Local and central office switching
  • IP switching nodes
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