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DC Power Batteries - Eaton 2V VRLA Cells

The Eaton range of 2V Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) cells are designed for a wide range of applications where high-capacity and high-reliability are essential.

Eaton 2V VRLA cells are manufactured to the highest standards and have a 15-year design life. They have a low self-discharge rate and all active material is very high purity lead (99.9999%)

Cases are flame retardant ABS with EPDM rubber venting valves. Maximum internal pressure is 2.5 psi. Plates are fully tank formed and the electrolyte is analytical grade. All terminal are epoxy sealed by extended mechanical paths and have standard insert M8 threads.

All models comply with IEC896-2, DIN 43534, BS 6290 Pt4, and Eurobat.

Typical applications include telecommunications, UPS, and emergency lighting.

Battery Specifications

300Ah product photo
Model Number: PWTD2_300FR
Nominal Voltage: 2V
Capacity: 300Ah
400Ah product photo
Model Number: PWTD2_400FR
Nominal Voltage: 2V
Capacity: 400Ah
500Ah product photo
Model Number: PWTD2_500FR
Nominal Voltage: 2V
Capacity: 500Ah
1000Ah product photo
Model Number: PWTD2_1000FR
Nominal Voltage: 2V
Capacity: 1000Ah
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