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Telecom facility monitoring

Delivering comprehensive telecom site equipment remote control, SiteSure is a suite of products to provide centralized telecom facility monitoring of a wide range of inputs from remote sites. This innovative telecom site equipment remote control solution uses the DC power system, communications network and PowerManagerII as a core, but applications extend beyond DC power to offer complete telecom facility monitoring of fire, security, air conditioning, engine alternators and other building services.

The SiteSure product suite includes:

SiteSure General Purpose Modules (SSGP)

Provides configurable digital and analog inputs. It allows the collection of status information at the Telecommunications site.

SiteSure Digital Input Modules (SSDI)

Provides additional digital inputs.

SiteSure Digital Output Module (SSDO)

Provides relay outputs for local control or alarm indication.

Auxiliary Power Module (APM)

Provides additional power where required for larger installations or where sensors require DC power.

Current Input Module (IOM-CS)

Provides configurable current sensor inputs.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular
  • DIN rail mounted
  • Plug-in connectors
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Real time data collection
  • Compliance with International standards
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