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Eaton NPR48 Rectifier

The Eaton NPR48 Series of rectifier modules is designed for a wide range of telecommunications applications including switching, wireless, and transmission.

The combination of leading high frequency switch mode technology with high reliability fan cooling makes the NPR48 a flexible, efficient, and reliable DC power source. It is designed for operation at up to 70ºC (158ºF) and under a wide range of AC power conditions.

The NPR48 Series rectifiers are up to 92% efficient with optimum performance available at typical load currents. These rectifiers also offer two output modes; either constant power or constant current.

Designed to operate with the SM60 Series Supervisory Modules the NPR48 rectifier modules will provide years of cost-effective, and trouble free service for your network equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast On-Line Replacement of Rectifiers (Hot-Swap)
  • Automatic Set-up from Supervisory Module
  • Intelligent microprocessor controlled
  • High Power Density
  • High Efficiency and Unity Power Factor
  • Wide AC Supply Conditions
  • Wide Output Voltage Range
  • Constant Power or Constant Current Output Modes
  • Field Serviceable Air Filter
  • Compliance with International Standards
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