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Eaton Batteries

Eaton is the largest supplier of battery systems for mission-critical Telecom and IT applications in Australia and New Zealand. At Eaton, we focus our industry-leading capabilities on customer needs by offering a wide range of battery products.

The Eaton range of maintenance free, sealed construction batteries have a 12- year or 15-year design life (depending on model) and up to a 5-year full replacement warranty (depending on application). With flame retardant (ABS) cases and Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) separators the Eaton range is suitable for all professional back-up power applications. Eaton batteries are built to IEC896-2 and BS6290.4 standards.

Eaton VRLA Range

Powerware 2V cells
Eaton 2V Cells
Eaton 2V cells have a 15-year design life and are specially designed for high-capacity telecommunications, emergency lighting and UPS applications.
Powerware 6V and 12V monoblocs photo
Eaton 6V and 12V Monoblocs
Eaton 6V and 12V monoblocs suit a wide range of applications where reliability is critical. The range includes popular front access terminal models.
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